Something to Write Home About:

At Home With Growing Older (AHWGO) educates, inspires and connects people across generations and disciplines to re-envision and improve the experiences of later life. 

What is Something To Write Home About? 

Something to Write Home About is our monthly resource letter featuring case studies and stories pulled from our 13 years of experience working in the aging field. Each edition of Something to Write Home About will include practical tips for home remodel and adaptations geared towards empowering you to remain in your home as you age. 

Each letter features a unique, true story written by one of our experts. Often, you’ll hear from our Executive Director Susanne Stadler, an architect specializing in age supportive and inclusive environments, but you’ll also hear from our accomplished Board Members and the experts behind our revolutionary Aging 360 program.

We hope that this resource letter will provide you with both the inspiration and the practical tools needed to approach your home as an ally in later life, transforming into a space full of delight, comfort and safety. 

Who are we?

At Home With Growing Older, AHWGO, is a nonprofit based in Berkeley, California, that brings together professionals, academics and interested individuals to re-envision and improve the experiences of later life. Our educational public forums, on a wide range of topics related to aging, are held in various locations in the Bay Area. In 2016 we launched Aging 360 ® Workshops to help older adults ‘own’ their aging experience and to (affordably) improve their homes to suit their needs as they age. In 2019 we hosted our 1st annual agein, a practical and inspirational daylong teach-in on aging. Our 2nd annual agein, “A Week of Joy,” was full of expressive creativity, community and connection; it was held in 2021 and featured a hybrid of online and in-person experiences for participants.

Our Perspective:

  • We are leaders in a growing movement, believing that interdisciplinary and intergenerational collaboration are key to providing services, infrastructure, and homes that meet the needs and desires of an aging population

  • We focus on the home and its context, more than an institutional environment, to foster healthy aging

  • We’re inspired by good design and believe that joy and delight are integral to any solution to compensate for the sometimes not-so-fun realities of growing older

You can learn more about our course offerings, events, and educational forums on our website.


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Forum, Network and Resource to meet the challenges of an aging society Our mission is to educate, inspire and connect people across generations and disciplines to re‑envision and improve the experiences of later life.